Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod

Feb 13, 2024
Sometimes Jesus relies upon a simple event to present him with the pretext for a lesson which he wishes to teach his disciples. This happens in today’s gospel from Mark 8:14-21.
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  Thank God for the miracles of life and love

Feb 12, 2024
Today we hear how the Pharisees demanded a sign from Jesus. Jesus sighed deeply and asked, ''Why does this generation demand a sign?'' (Mark 8:11-13)
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  Finding the glory of God in the cloud of suffering

Feb 05, 2024
In today's first reading from 1 Kings 8:1-13, we hear how Solomon returns the ark of the covenant to the Temple, which was then filled with a cloud which represented the glory of the Lord.
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  The feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Feb 02, 2024
Like all faithful Jewish parents, Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to be presented to the Lord as the Law demanded.(Luke 2:22-40)
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  Walking to Nabutautau in Fiji

Feb 01, 2024
Reading today’s gospel from Mark 6:7-13 reminded me of the walk to Nabutautau, Fiji.
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  “Who touched me?”

Jan 30, 2024
Today’s Gospel from Mark 5:21-43 helps to knock me off my self-assured perch.
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  Affirm the value of people suffering from mental health issues

Jan 29, 2024
Today's gospel is one of the most unusual stories told by Matthew, Mark and Luke. Today we hear Mark's version (5:1-20) of the visit of Jesus and the disciples to the country of the Gerasenes on the other side of the lake
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