The Beatitudes according to Matthew

Jun 10, 2024
Today in the gospel we hear Matthew's version of the Beatitudes, (5:1-12). They teach us that in our world today, the Beatitudes are not an idealistic dream but a necessity for life.
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  Remembering Marcelling Champagnat

Jun 06, 2024
The way in which the scribe in today's gospel from Mark 12:28-34 approached Jesus shows that he is one who received a good education, an education that not only passed on proper knowledge but also good manners.
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  The Sadducees question Jesus about the Resurrection

Jun 05, 2024
In today's gospel (Mark 12:18-27), we hear how a group of Sadducees came to question Jesus about the resurrection. The Sadducees were members of rich families belonging to the elite of Jerusalem
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  Of course God Exists

May 29, 2024
When an atheist scoffed at an old man's religious beliefs saying that God does not exist, Harold replied saying, ''Of course God exists, I was talking to him this morning!''
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  Finding life and love here and now and in the future

May 28, 2024
In today’s reading from 1 Peter 1:10-16, the writer tells us that the ancient prophets searched hard for salvation or eternal life. They saw that this salvation would come through the sufferings of the anointed of God.
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  "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

May 27, 2024
Today we can see a great contrast between the first reading and the gospel. In 1 Peter 1:3-9, the writer tells us with great enthusiasm that by raising Jesus from the dead, the Father has given us a new birth.
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  Remembering St Cristobal Magallanes Jara

May 21, 2024
Today we remember a Mexican priest, Fr Christopher Magallanes, who was executed without trial during what was known as the Cristero Rebellion that took place in central Mexico from 1926-1929.
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