Remembering the birth of John the Baptist

Dec 23, 2022
Today we hear of the birth of the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah. His parents insisted that he be named John in obedience to the message from Gabriel
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  Reflecting upon Mary’s prayer - the Magnificat

Dec 22, 2022
Let’s relook at this magnificent prayer of Mary we call the Magnificat (which is read in today’s gospel from Luke 1:46-56).
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  More about the visitation

Dec 21, 2022
There are two parts to the story of the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.
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  Let us give Mary more credit

Dec 20, 2022
We sometimes tend to think of Mary as a young innocent woman who was overwhelmed by the presence of an angel and really had no choice in the end but to say “yes”
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  "Nothing is impossible to God"

Dec 19, 2022
Today we hear two stories of divine intervention in apparently impossible human situations
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  Preparing for the birth of Jesus

Dec 16, 2022
Today is a special day for some ethnic communities as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
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  Remembering St John of the Cross

Dec 14, 2022
Today's saint, John of the Cross, lived in Spain in the 16th century. He worked with St Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelite order and was persecuted by his fellow Carmelites who did not accept his strictness.
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