"Where there is darkness, light ..."

Sep 25, 2023
Last night the mother of a refugee family rang me to say that because she had been unable to pay the light bill the electricity had been cut off.
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  The women who accompanied Jesus

Sep 22, 2023
In today's readings it noteworthy to see how the advice that Paul in giving to Timothy had already been put into practice by the followers of Jesus.
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  Reflecting upon the call of Matthew in today’s gospel from Matthew 9:9-13

Sep 21, 2023
Talk about provocative. Jesus calling Matthew to follow him! A tax-collector, one who worked for the colonial masters, the Romans, who exercised brutal rule over the Jews and demanded that the very people whom they were oppressing should pay them to do so.
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  Remembering the Korean martyrs

Sep 20, 2023
In today's gospel, Jesus laments the way that the people do not accept the good news whether it was preached to them by John the Baptist of by himself. (Luke 7:31-35). What a contrast there is between their lack of faith and that of the saints celebrated today
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  “Young man … get up”

Sep 19, 2023
Sometimes Bible commentaries are not helpful or they can distract from the humanity of a story, like the story found in today’s gospel reading from Luke 7:11-17 which is about how Jesus raised to life the son of a widow in the town of Nain.
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  Remembering Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows

Sep 15, 2023
Today we remember Mary with the title of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is the third feast of Mary this month which shows her importance for us.
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  Celebrating the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (2023)

Sep 14, 2023
One may wonder how an instrument of torture and death could become a means of healing and a sign of faith. This thought comes to mind as I reflect upon the readings for today’s feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
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