2024 Season of Creation school competition - To Hope and Act with Creation

We invite primary and secondary school students in Australia to participate in our 2024 Season of Creation school competition, which focuses on the theme, ‘To hope and act with Creation.’

Our lives and those of everything around us, are part of the ongoing creativity of the Creator’s plan. Our everyday choices help shape what comes next toward the common good of people and all creation. Many people of all ages are committed to acting for the community of life. Immersing ourselves in creation and being open to new insights, consuming responsibly, limiting waste, taking part in the restoration of land and waterways, becoming citizen scientists, creating art and telling stories about the places we love and care for are ways anyone can get involved.

Rules of entry: 

  • The subject of each entry must address the theme, ‘To hope and act with Creation’ and one or more of the following questions,
    • What new life do you hope to see for creation?
    • How do you and/or a person or group who inspires you, act to be restorers of creation? Describe the positive outcomes for the whole community of life.
    • How does faith inspire your commitments? OR Do you have a prayer for creation?
  • The entry must be the work of the entrant/s and entrants may submit only one entry.
  • Entries must be in English
  • A piece of writing or image generated by AI is not allowed
  • The entry must be submitted via the school email with the student’s name/s, name of teacher, name of school, year level, address and postal address
  • The closing date for entries is 1st September 2024
  • Submissions to be emailed to info@columban.org.au

The entries will be judged by members of the Peace, Ecology and Justice Office, St Columbans Mission Society


  • A piece of writing up to one page.
  • A scanned image of a drawing or piece of artwork.
    • Images must be saved at the highest possible resolution.
    • They must be 4 megapixels or above so they can be enlarged.
    • The entry must be accompanied by a short paragraph (maximum 100 words) describing how it addresses the theme and questions. A teacher may like to assist Year P-3 in writing this paragraph.


Lower Primary Year P-3
Upper Primary Year 4-6
Lower Secondary Year 7-9
Upper Secondary Year 10-12

Watch Promo - 2024 Season of Creation School Competition - Primary

Watch Promo - 2024 Season of Creation School Competition - Secondary

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to your submissions.

Fr Peter O'Neill Singature

Fr Peter O’Neill
Regional Director of Oceania

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The closing date for entries is 1st September 2024.
Email your submissions to info@columban.org.au.
See the 'How to Enter!' section above for more details. 

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