eBulletin - Vol 2 No. 11


We have been reflecting a lot on the life of Queen Elizabeth II - by Fr Tom Rouse

I would like to share with you my reflections which I wrote a week ago for our Facebook column, reflecting on the life of Queen Elizabeth II
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Mammoth Monsoon Misery - by Fr Dan O'Connor, Pakistan

From the heights of the Himalayan Mountains and the Khyber Pass, to the city of Karachi on the shores of the Arabian Sea, floods triggered by…
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“Hkrit Maling” - the Forbidden Forests

Once you arrive in Yangon, you will be welcomed by a huge sign that says, "Welcome to the Golden Land." Myanmar is a land dotted by golden temples…
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Eyewitness report on devastating monsoon flooding in Pakistan

2022 has seen one of the worst monsoon seasons in Pakistan in decades. Rain started in June and is still continuing. The Government has declared…
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I am Weak - by Fr Barry Cairns, Japan

There are some incidents in life, sometimes trivial, that make a deep impression. Here is one that stays forever vivid in my memory.
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