Columban eBulletin

Columban eBulletin - April 2024


Oiling the hands and sharing the stories

Through a traditional Fijian ceremony, the family presented Iowane to the Columbans – once again. They had done so when Iowane first joined the…
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Fr Iowane Naio ordained a Columban missionary priest

On 10 April 2024, Fr Iowane Ilaidoko Naio was ordained a Columban missionary priest in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Suva, Fiji.
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The grateful prisoner

When I was in prison in Japan, it was similar to living in some kind of an extremely strict monastery. I suppose it could almost be compared…
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Embarking on the journey

In Gwangju, the people enjoyed the missionary voyage experience. Young students could imagine themselves sailing to Columban Missions as they…
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Episode 48 - God's laws are not a burden but a help.

God's laws and prophesies guide how we can live the covenant he established with us. They evolve as we evolve. Jesus teaches us to love God with…
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