Columban eBulletin

eBulletin - Vol 2 No. 13


Message from Fr Tom Rouse

Fr David Arms was admitted to hospital on St Columban’s Day (Nov 23) last week. He has been battling melanoma (skin cancer) over the past three…
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First Pacifican Columban Takes Charge in Fiji

On St Columban’s Day, 23rd November 2022, Fr Felisiano Fatu became Vice Director of the Columban Region of Oceania and became the first Pacifican…
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A Cross Cultural Missionary

Fr Pat Visanti is a Columban missionary from Fiji. On a recent visit home, he spoke to Fr. Frank Hoare about some of his experiences of being…
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Love Your Enemies - By Fr Don Hornsey

I once visited Papua New Guinea and accompanied my friend, a patrol officer on his 10 days of administrative rounds.
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Resettling God's People - By Sophia Chee Tzu Ting

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe for over two years now, it does not seem to deter the fear of thousands of people wanting…
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