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  Theology of The Universe As God

Sep 18, 2020
In these strange days I have been reading and reflecting about the theology of the Universe as God’s body (metaphor).
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  We All Must Change to Defeat Covid-19

Aug 26, 2020
The catastrophe is upon us. The world is suffering and in shock as hundreds of thousands of people are dying from the coronavirus and economies are in chaos
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  Reflection - The New Normal

Jun 24, 2020
But the reality is that the events that happen to us not only interrupt the flow of life - they change it.
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  Reflection - The space between them

Jan 20, 2020
To this day Christian faith in China struggles to be seen as other than a foreign import. How different the story of mission might have been if Ricci’s approach had been supported.
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  Reflection - Drawing near

Dec 02, 2019
The countdown clock for the Olympic Games starts as soon the games are declared closed – a four year waiting period to the next one. As the time ticks down and the big day draws near the level of anticipation rises.
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  Reflection - Mortality and immortality

Oct 09, 2019
Reflecting on the fact that my days are numbered is not a morbid exercise, but rather an invitation to develop a larger perspective on myself and on the world.
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  Reflection - Dealing with grief and loss

Sep 05, 2019
To mourners it is sometimes said, “Enough of grieving. Now you must let go and get on with life.” This advice, though well-meaning, is usually not helpful.
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