To dare to believe

Oct 10, 2018
Open our hearts to know your presence, to know that you are risen.
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  In trust

Sep 24, 2018
There are times when I find it hard to make sense of life, and I begin to wonder about where life is leading me.
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  21st Century Slavery Prayer

Aug 27, 2018
Loving God, we ask your justice, mercy, compassion, comfort and freedom for the millions affected by human trafficking in our world today.
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  Guide and comfort me

Aug 20, 2018
Be my shepherd, Lord, then nothing will I fear, though I walk through the valley of darkness.
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  At the end of the day

Aug 06, 2018
Lord, I bring to you all that has happened this day, all the events all the people I have met, all the tasks undertaken, all the joys and sufferings,...
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  Show me the way

Jul 02, 2018
Lord, you are the Way. Lead me along the right path. Show me the way to our heavenly home.
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  Help me to take heart

Jun 18, 2018
Help me in my fear, my lack of heart. Help me to follow you in spite of all my misgivings. Lord, help my unbelief!
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