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  When it's hard to face others

Apr 16, 2018
Lord, there are days when I just don’t want to face others, and all the demands they can make, days when I feel all knotted-up inside and I just want to hide away.
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  Father, forgive them

Mar 26, 2018
Like the son who squandered your gifts, yet humbly returned seeking forgiveness, may I be truly sorry for my waywardness, and I give you thanks that in spite of all my failures, I can still call you Father.
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  In the strange ways

Jul 31, 2017
Lord, you work in mysterious ways. It’s not always easy to see the patterns you weave in life.
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  Springtime renewal

Sep 01, 2016
God of all creation, we offer You our gratitude for the gift of springtime renewal in our lives. As we hear the birds sing and the anticipation of warming comfort grows, let us use this time to draw closer to You, finding Christ in all that we do.
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