Daily Prayer - January 27 2023

Jan 27, 2023
On January 27, 1973, the Paris Peace Accord on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam was signed by representatives of the South Vietnamese communist forces, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and the United States
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  Daily Prayer - January 26 2023

Jan 26, 2023
A patent for an electric dental drill was granted to George Green on this day in 1875
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  Daily Prayer - January 25 2023

Jan 25, 2023
The city of Sao Paulo in Brazil was founded on this day in 1554 by Jesuits missionaries
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  Daily Prayer - January 24 2023

Jan 24, 2023
The Department of Homeland Security began operating in the USA on January 24, 2003
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  Daily Prayer - January 23 2023

Jan 23, 2023
On 23 January 2020 the world saw its first coronavirus lockdown come into force in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the pandemic is believed to have started.
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  Daily Prayer - January 22 2023

Jan 22, 2023
The Swiss Guard became a feature of life in the Vatican on January 22, 1506 when Pope Julius II hired a contingent of 150 Swiss Mercenaries to guard St Peter’s Basilica and the city of Rome
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  Daily Prayer - January 20 2023

Jan 20, 2023
On 20 January 1942, leading Nazi officials met at a Conference Villa in Wannsee, a suburb of Berlin.
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