Daily Prayer - May 6, 2022

May 6, 2022


On this day a debt of gratitude going back 170 years was paid back.

An Irish fund me page raised over $2m in 2020 for the US Navajo and Hopi nations seriously impacted by Covid 19.

The generosity of the response is believed to be linked to a memory of how the Choctaw nation, itself suffering poverty and dispossession, had raised funds in 1847 to assist those suffering from famine in Ireland.

Clearly this gesture has not been forgotten.



we thank you for this example of mutual care.

Here in the Mission Office we witness on a daily basis the generosity of donors towards people in need. 

Many other charities tell a similar story.

We give thanks for all the random acts of kindness that people practice and for the lasting impact they have on those who benefit from them.   



By Fr Pat O'Shea


A sculpture in Cork commemorating the support of the Choctaw Nation.