Daily Prayer - May 17, 2022

Between 1889 and 1901 China experienced what is called the Boxer Rebellion.

Local people angered at the spread of foreign influence in China and the activities of Christian missionaries began a series of attacks against churches and embassies.

In one such event on May 17, 1900, 3 villages were burned and 60 Christians killed. Overall thousands of Chinese Christians were killed along with many foreign missionaries and embassy officials.

The end of the uprising followed the signing of the Boxer Protocol on September 7, 1901.



in the past missionary activity was sometimes seen by local people as just another arm of colonial rule. 

We ask forgiveness for times when missionaries were too closely linked to colonial powers and did not respect sufficiently the cultures and traditions of local people.

We pray for all missionaries today, especially those operating in difficult circumstances that they may live and witness to the gospel in a way that will draw people to Christ.   



By Fr Pat O'Shea - Lower Hutt   




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