Prayer for the marginalised

prayer for the marginalised

O God of our ancestors,
help us to stand
with those who have been afraid to speak out,
with those who have lost faith
because of what they suffered within religious institutions.
Help us to be a haven for those who yearn for freedom and respect
that comes through the healing of memories of
abuse, trauma and oppression.
Jesus, brother and saviour,
help us to work in partnership as Columban missionaries,
so that we can give witness to what it means to live out
new ways of being on mission,
of being church, of being Christian, and of being human.
Let us overcome the scourge of clericalism and structures of exclusion
by the manner in which we seek to work together
as women, men and children,
of diverse languages, cultures and backgrounds,
by respecting, supporting and listening to one another.
We make these prayers through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Written by Columban Fr Tom Rouse

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