We Need Each Other

May 05, 2021
During this pandemic, we have found out how much we need each other
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  Lenten Prayer

Feb 25, 2021
Lent gives us the time to choose to slow down and reflect on the ways we live.
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  Help us live in harmony during the virus

Jan 22, 2021
Good and Gracious God, guide us to live in harmony during this time of the coronavirus
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  Prayer to St Columban during Coronavirus

Dec 07, 2020
As pilgrims on the journey we ask you to keep us safe...
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  All living things

Dec 06, 2020
May we realize that they live not for us alone but for You and for all Your creatures who love the sweetness of life.
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  One small drop

Oct 06, 2020
You still show Your goodness to me and let Your love shine down to bring me joy.
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  Prayer for World Leaders

Sep 16, 2020
In the face of the threat posed by the coronavirus, leaders are faced with difficult decisions.
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