In So Many Words

Feb 22, 2024
Over a hundred years ago, a small group of Irish priests working in China decided they needed to listen to what God wanted them to do. These men had the desire to live according to what God wanted and must have known from past experience that, if they prayed and listened to God, they would be able to…
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  Ash Wednesday 2024

Feb 14, 2024
When I was a young child at the Convent school, we asked, ''What are you giving up for Lent.'' As children we usually gave up lollies.
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  Recalling Columban Beginnings in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Jan 15, 2024
On January 12 we remembered at mass the anniversary of Fr. Jim McGlynn who died in 1988. He was the man who established a Columban presence in Lower Hutt in 1943 and had a great influence here and in Australia.
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  A Land of Dreams

Jan 09, 2024
Brothers and sisters, Iquique is a land of dreams ( for so its name means that in the Aymara language).
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  Celebrating "Velitas" in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Dec 08, 2023
Yesterday I travelled the 80 kilometres to Levin to celebrate ''Velitas'' with the recently arrived community of Colombian refugees.
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  St Columbanus; A study in contradictions - by Fr Patrick O'Shea

Nov 24, 2023
The opening prayer of the Mass for St Columban’s day says that Columban “wonderfully joined the work of evangelization to zeal for monastic life”.
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  Happy St Columban's Day

Nov 23, 2023
Today Columban missionaries, ordained and lay, co-workers, associate priests and benefactors around the world are celebrating the feast of our patron, St Columban.
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