Half the Story has Never Been Told - by Fr Pat O'Shea

May 28, 2021
On May 26 Fr Tom Rouse and I attended an event the Irish Embassy in Wellington. Its focus was the unveiling of a sculpture to remember and honour 155 Irish men and their associates who refused to fight in WWII.
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  My Morning Dose of Happiness

May 19, 2021
These women amaze me with their capacity to sacrifice for their loved ones. I am also captivated by their big hearts to love and care for other…
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  From Languishing to Flourishing

May 07, 2021
I am constantly on the lookout for material that deals with mental wellbeing. Recently two items have come to my attention.
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  Call for a change of heart

May 05, 2021
While I continue to face the effects of this pandemic, I am grateful to the positive effects it brought to the people especially me.
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  Mission in Mushroom City

Apr 21, 2021
Keeping Pace with One of the World's Fastest Growing Cities: Lima, Peru
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  Who Walks With You - An Easter Reflection

Apr 13, 2021
Why did the people who knew Jesus well in life not recognise him after he rose?
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  A Woman of Faith

Apr 07, 2021
It was during my stay with Nanay Andring’s family that I became fluent with the Visayan language and learned more about the Filipino culture.
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