Lay Missionaries

Fijian Columban Lay missionary, Lanieta Tamatawale

In the countries where we work, Columban Fathers work in cooperation with lay people from a standpoint of solidarity with the poor and the integrity of creation.

Columban Lay Missionaries live and share the Gospel of Jesus, whose faith calls them to share their life with the poor and marginalised. They are involved in the pastoral work of the community, in education groups, youth groups, health and human rights advocacy and promotion, environmental work, interfaith dialogue and building bridges of dialogue between peoples of diverse cultures and faith in cross-cultural mission.

"As people of faith, we envisage a world where women and men of all races, cultures and creeds live life to the full, where there is inclusion, equality and justice for the poor, marginalised and oppressed and where communities and nations live in peace and harmony with each other and all creation." (Columban Lay Mission Vision Statement, 2000)

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